Porto in lock down

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Today I watched a tv news item on the closure of the border with Spain and, collaterally, of the pilgrimage route to Santiago, and it struck me that here was a tiny filament in the incomprehensibly complex web of fractures in the life of the world: like the shattered screen of a mobile phone, but not so easy to replace.

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FLIRTING AT HAY You can hear the full audio version of my gig at Hay on the Festival site: http://www.hayfestival.com/p-5822-chris-keil-and-julian-preece.aspx But skip the first 34 minutes!    

From the Notebook 2

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It was sunset, and windy; the house was on the top of a hill. They were lighting fires and heaping rubbish into piles, throwing furniture out of the front door. They were intoxicated with leaving.

From the Notebook

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From: The Ghostwriter’s Notebook Copyright © Chris Keil 2015 “Disgusting old man, that porrnographer. I met him Stephen you know, in Petersburg in 2005; he dribbles. I think he pisses pants also.” Fabienne was pouring herself a drink, her back to the room. “You’re so rude, darling,” she said. She turned to look at me. “He can’t help it, I …

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  I’m borrowing an apartment in Lisbon, fabulously glamorous city in a wonderfully frayed and tattered, ever-so-slightly seedy sort of a way, perfect belle époque, faded, a little down-at-heel, a courtesan of a certain age, irresistible! And I’m getting some writing done; for some reason my imagination is being fed raw meat here, even though I’m writing about London and …